Pornhub sends more than 5M DMCA notices, Google develops fingerprinting tool

Pornhub's 5 Million DMCA notices

Not more than a week ago, Pornhub has stated that they received mroe than half of million DMCA takedown notices from content owners in 2020. Pornhub and the owner of Mindgeek are the major rightholders of the company. They told us that they have sent notices containing 4.5 million links during last year 2020.

The adult industry is rather diverse but Mindgeek has a particularly large footprint

The company, formerly known as Manwin, owns one of the most visited adult websites, Pornhub, and is also the driving force behind YouPorn, Redtube, Tube8, Xtube, and dozens of other sites.

Many of these tube sites became big by offering access to a wide variety of content, some of it posted without permission. However, that doesn’t mean that Mindgeek is turning a blind eye to pirates. On the contrary.

The adult industry is massive divergent but Mindgeek has major impact.
Manwin is the company who owns most popular adult websites including Pornhub, And Pornhub has its many imprints that are run under different names, including some names such as YouPorn, Redtube, Tube8, xTube and many more.
Many of these sites got much popularity because of offering wide variety of content, and even some published content without consent of copyright holder. This doesn’t mean that Mindgeek ignore pirates

Adult creators studios can make a contract with Pornhub and become exclusive content creators on site. And their automatic algorithms scans newly published videos to dispute infringing content. Apprently, Pornhub’s report didn’t revealed in how much volume they send DMCA notices every year.

Mindgeek has not yet revealed the number of request sent to Google for removing infringing URLs.

However those are over a million per week. Ah, Google receives too much from one industry’s finger only.

When we observe Google transparency report, we see during last 30 days, Mindgeek asked Google to deindex, 8Million infringing links when makes them the top takedown request senders.

Pornhub and Mindgeek have put some stress on their antipiracy department, for removing reported content they rely on partially automated process but they need to verify manually too.

Mindgeek has stated that they use industry’s top tools to make sure that they removed the actual content they intended to.
Companay has developed ‘SafeGuard’ too. In near future, which will be available to other sites soon. That will help them to reduce number of DMCA requests that they have to send.

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