PUBG’s new map Taego Features & Updates

PUBG’s new map Taego Features & Updates

PUBG: Battlefields will add some new features to its new Tago map in the next game review, according to PUBG producer Teehyun Kim.


PUBG Fighting Areas to Discover New Features in Next Updates
Recent PUBG: Fighting Areas will add unannounced features to the next update, which is surprising given the amount of content recently added to the game. In many ways, PUBG is playing with the participation of its rivals who were released long after the war royale popularizer first appeared in 2017. Activity Call: Warzone and Fortnite.

In early July, PUBG added new upgrades to the game. Although it’s a bit late for the party with a self-portrait, it is definitely appreciated as it keeps the game clean and can add something that fans have been looking for for some time. Looks like this won’t be your end, though, as new features have already been mocked with the next game update.

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Speaking to Screen Rant, producer Taehyun Kim noted that the PUBG team is always working to develop and innovate in the game. Because of this, fans can expect some new features to come and fill Tago’s new PUBG map in the next update. Kim noticed that there were already some great plans out there for some of these aspects, but she didn’t go into any of the details, saying:

“The dev team is always trying to come up with a variety of new features and get users to play our game in a fun and dynamic way while working on the new map. ! ”

PUBG Taego Map Update
We hope that PUBG’s new equipment and features will enhance the game significantly. Although the shooter is still popular and popular, it lags behind most of its players and spectators. Perhaps as PUBG Corp is working to build the game, it can once again stand by its main rivals. However, it will take a lot to say the same spirit with those other topics as well.

Aside from the refresher feature and the Gulag-esque Returnback, there is still a lot of potential for PUBG to see itself as a very rich military experience. Although it has finally chosen this genre, many have developed more than its original debut and PUBG’s main gameplay will improve well with a structure that has already emerged from many other games built.

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