Spotify introduces new UI for Artist Discography in web version

Spotify is a music and podcast streaming service that was launched on 23 April 2006 by Daniel Ek based in Sweden. Every music listener must already be aware about that service, it has most user, rivals are Apple Music, Deezer & Tidal. Spotify application can be installed & used on Various platform like, PC (Desktop app & Website), Mobile (Android & iOS app), TV app & in Cars players. And has made a lot of improvements to its web user interface during the last year, Last month Spotify was launched in 85 more countries including Bangladesh & Pakistan which were deprived of this service from a very long time.

Spotify keeps updating their App & Web versions.

You may download Spotify from links below:

Desktop Version | Android Version | iOS version

Yesterday spotify introduced new layout to Artist Discography section, similar to the one which they used in their Desktop Application.

Following is the artist Search Screen when you open in your browser. Looks like this :

When you click on artist profile & open their discography by clicking this button

And here comes some new Elements like Dropdown menu & Grid/List switching options.

You can Switch to Artist Singles/EPs & Albums from the same page without going back.

Using two icons on the right side, you can switch to List & Grid view

The current view shown in following screenshot is Grid view.

The List view is shown below :

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