Youtube offers 3 new features for channel owners & subscribers

Recently, we saw that the popular YouTube platform is taking the Twitch in the Livestream viewer competition. It is reflected in the new features presented by Youtube on its platform today. After the new update, broadcasters will now be able to limit their chats to subscribers only and will be able to create votes within their chats. In addition, broadcasters and their viewers will now have access to making clips on popular sports streams.


The features mentioned above already exist on the Twitch video platform, and they are all important tools for allowing broadcasters to interact with their community. In addition, limiting conversations only to subscribers can help as a testing tool by evicting random people and gives broadcasters another tool to encourage their viewers to start paying for content views.

Now move on to another important update which is voting. They are important for engaging in chat rooms that are always chaotic, thus giving marketers an easy way to ask for ideas about their future course.

In addition, clips are an important tool for content acquisition. As of these days, most people do not watch long live broadcasts. So here the Twitch click tool works, allowing fans to watch the highlights, which can help bring new people to the stream. YouTube, on the other hand, still estimates the clip feature for game creators alone by over 1,000 fans. However, the company says it will eventually introduce this feature to everyone. Clips, such as chat features, have been in the beta category with a limited number of creators to date.

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